Supplier Relationship Management

The world is changing and we need to be able to react to that change.  One avenue many companies are now adopting is a new approach to their relationships with some of their suppliers.  After all, not all suppliers are equal and not all suppliers need to be treated the same way.  There is not a one size fits all approach.

Supplier Relationship Management is the practice whereby our trading relationships are categorised dependent upon factors like volume of spend, the range of services provided or the cost to move to a new supplier.  Those who are considered to be of strategic importance need to be treated and managed in a way that enhances the desire for collaboration, cooperation and coordination between the parties.  There is an understanding of the mutual benefits of the relationship itself.

At COnsultandomi we have the experience and insight to be able to deliver effective training and knowledge to raise the capability of your company's approach to your supply chain relationships.  We were integral to the materials development of the widely recognised learning program in Supplier Relationship Management from the IACCM (International Association for Contracting and Commercial Management) and partner with them to deliver the materials to clients globally.

Training can be designed to meet your needs, or we can provide the standard courseware from our partner, IACCM (International Association for Contract and Commercial Management), but delivered in a blended way, a mix of both classroom and online delivery.