Contract Management

At COnsultandomi we believe that our trading relationships sit at the heart of a successful enterprise.  Too often the disciplines of contracting and procurement are simply considered a means of support to other business functions, minimising risk and delivering the business need at the best price.

Our trading relationships are in themselves valuable to our organisation and should be deemed capable of creating economic benefit in their own right.  Better contracts and better procurement decisions should deliver not only cost savings and cost avoidance opportunities, they should also create the right behaviours from the very outset for the delivery of successful engagements between companies.


COnsultandomi can help you identify where inefficiencies exist and provide education and training to rectify these gaps allowing the opportunity for more successful outcomes and less disputes between parties.

Training can be designed to meet your needs, or we can provide the standard courseware from our partner, IACCM (International Association for Contract and Commercial Management), but delivered in a blended way, a mix of both classroom and online delivery.

IACCM courseware includes both the Contract and Commercial Management Practitioner and Fundamentals of Contracts and Commercial Management syllabuses.